Mostly when you are training for riding a motorcycle, the days are sunny and clear and you never come across the thought that a rainy day will be around the corner soon enough keeping UK’s weather in mind. This thought shouldn’t really worry you at all because we are here to guide you how to stay safe and keep others safe while driving on a rainy day.

Always use your protective gear

Unlike in a car where you are immune to minor accidents, on the bike you are not. Basically you are exposed to all sorts of trouble out there when you are on a bike. Always keep your protective gear with you. For instance, you might need a rain coat, a helmet, some gloves and some rain boots as well. Too bad you won’t be under an umbrella but with the right gear you can stay dry out there.

Keep your speed slow and steady

Rainy days shouldn’t keep you from going out on your bike if you are going to do it right. You can race around the city all you want on dry and bright days but on rainy days especially in the winter rains, going on a faster speed would be an invitation to trouble. Always keep your speed slow and maintain your balance because the roads are slippery and you might lose control if you are going too fast.

Look ahead and pay extra attention

You need to keep all the tiny details in mind while you are out on the day it is raining. For instance, you might find black ice in winters and most of the pavements have all sorts of oils spilled around. Both of these things are hazardous and might injure you badly. Always look ahead on the road and pay attention to the passer-by’s and try to reach your destination as safely as you can. Also during some rainy and windy days you might find hazardous materials on the road.

Make sure your tires are in good condition

Motorcycle tires work exactly the same way as the car tires do. Try to keep your tires hot to maintain control. If your tires are cold you might lose control and alignment of your bike. Always give your tires a check before leaving regarding the pressure. It’s good to be safe than sorry.