Same like cars, Lorries and buses, motorcycles are machinery too which requires maintenance and safety checks every now and then. If there is anything that’s extremely important before riding a motorcycle, then it’s to carry out a safety check of the motorcycle before heading out. Safety always comes first. So make this your habit, every time you are about to hit the road, carry out a quick safety check first.

Check your engine oil

Keep your motorcycle manual around you at all times when you are a beginner. There are so many things that it can help you with. For instance, you can find the information about the engine oil right in there according to the kind of the motorcycle that you own. If your engine oil needs replacement then never put it off to another time. Replace it with new engine oil and dispose the old engine oil in the disposal places that are appointed. If you do not carry out this safety check then you might not have an enhanced motorcycle driving experience and what’s more, the engine might seize to work altogether for you.

Adjust your mirrors correctly

Mirrors are an integral part of your motorcycle safety check. Some people don’t find it important enough and carry this activity out once they have literally started driving the motorcycle and so many accidents happen due to this tiny mistake that people make. So always make sure that you adjust your mirrors properly so you can see behind you before heading out.

Check your brakes

Motorcycles have multiple types of brakes. So before you are actually going for a drive, you need to do a little test run to ensure that your front and rear brakes are working perfectly. If you have disc brakes, you also need to carry out the fluid required to use those brakes.

Ensure tyre safety

Tyres are what you are going to tread on for your entire journey to wherever you are headed. If you have well maintained tyres, you can even go for road trips without a tiny hassle. You should always check for punctures and pressure before you hit the road. While modern tyres are durable and long lasting, you still need to keep yourself on the safe side at all times.